Thursday, February 27, 2014

Windows XP launcher apk theme for Android

windows xp launcher apk theme for android

About windows xp launcher apk theme:

If I say, "Do you know about Windows XP" ? You may think that I am a great foolish. So I am not going to say like this. I should say that, Each and every person those who have the knowledge of Computer, they know the Operating System ( Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 ) very goodly. Now what I would like to say is, if you get this Windows XP at your Android Phone what will be your feelings? Not must be bad. I think you will enjoy a lot and get astonished seeing this. Let's see the screen shots that how it looks at Android Phone.
Screen Shot 1: Desktop view at Android Phone.
windows xp launcher apk theme

Screen Shot 2: Start Menu view at Android Phone.

Screen Shot 2: My Computer view at Android Phone.

Features of windows xp launcher apk theme:

* It has the real Desktop view as like as Computer.
* Control Panel.
* Real Start menu view as like as Computer.
* All Program at Start Menu.
* Hard Drives.
* etc etc...

It has Desktop view same as computer but you can not access like computer. You must not forget that it is just a launcher / themes.

It has also control panel but not fully decorated as like as computer, I mean it will not work as like as computer. If you view Control panel it will view itself as your android views previous.

And I should say about its Start menu that it works same as computer, but some of its option does not work.

Its Start menu contains All program like computer which contains all the program you have installed.

Its Hard drives also shows at My computer which can be access as computer.

Download this awesome apps right now and enjoy.

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