free apps tricks: How to earn getjar gold credits

Free Apps Tricks: How to earn Getjar gold credits

About Apps :
Hello everyone, 
We actually download many apps from Google Play Store, but some of them are needed to buy dollar or Getja credits. Without Dollar or credits those apps does not open.
I have found a simple tricks to earn getjar credits, with this tricks you can simply earn unlimited credits.
Now I am going to show the tricks, just follow the screenshot and steps below:

Step 1 : Download this app named Getjar rewords and open it after install.

Step 2 : You can see Apps, Themes and Get Credit menu. just install those apps and open are shown there.

Step 3 : Uninstall those apps are installed (if you want).

Step 4 : Open the apps Getjar rewords again and see your credits.

You are done!!!

If you face any problem or if you like this Don't forget to comment.


  1. This is good except android doesnt have as tight of a security system in comparison to apple. Its possible that while downloading those apps, you might be infecting your device with viruses.. i guess its do at your own risk

    1. Android is a very user friendly OS and it has the option to use it your own way. installing app and uninstalling it makes devices a little slow but not infected by virus and I tink there is no risk. If you clean up your cache files then it perform faster than before.

  2. very bad this is not unlimited trick

  3. The download says, can't open file


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