Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Opera Mini ( Bangla supported ) V-7.5.3 APK for Android

Free Apps operamini V-7.5.3 APK for Android ( Bangla Font Supported )

About Apps: This Apps is a Opera Mini APK application software for Android mobile phone. You must be searching for it for download which is capable to load Bangla and English fonts together. See Screenshots given bellow it is capable to load bangla fonts itself. Just download the file and follow the Steps to install this app.

STEP - 1
First of all Make sure you have internet connection and you can browse internet with it without any connection problem after download. 
Then tap on it from your Phone and it will show the screen like this given bellow. Here you need to type "Child Lock Code" which is (www.nextwap.net ). Type it and press "Unlock".

STEP - 2
Make sure red marked contents are same as screenshots given bellow and press "Save".

STEP - 3
In this step it will start installing.

STEP - 4
Now go to Settings of your Opera mini select Advanced and Change the Protocol to HTTP.

Now you are done !!!

get this opera mini and Enjoy viewing Bengali and English fonts together.

If you can't do it or fetching problem, Type your problem into comment box bellow, I will solve as soon as possible.


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