Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Doubletwist music player apk latest full version for android

Free apps: doubletwist music player apk latest full version for android

Hello everyone, It is time to cross music boundaries. Yes it is possible with doubletwist music player. This player is one of the gorgeous player. You can not even think what this player can do and what you can do with it. Let's see it's screen shots that you can guess its out look.
Super Duper doubletwist music player apk is now with the KitKat design. Those who loves music so much they constantly change music player until they get the right one. And I think it is the only music player where music lovers get stopped with it. I need to say it is just amazing. So don't leave it and try once.
doubletwist music player apk

Features of doubletwist music player apk:

* Excellent Design.
* Full Podcast Player.
* Podcast Manager.
* Powerful Synchronization.
* Magic Play.
* Air Play.
* Magic Radio.
And many more...

Let's Describe about doubletwist music player apk:

* Design: Photos and Artist bios are customizable. Easily Playlists can be created. Songs can be share and deleted with multiple selection. Gorgeous 5 band graphic equalizer can be customized for every sounds and can be pumped up the bass. It has also the option of customizable screen lock for faster during playing music.
* Podcast: Podcast episodes can be downloaded with the auto downloadar over wifi, 3g/4g. And can be played podcasts at offline and stream over the air.
* Synchronization: Playlist can be synchronized over USB from PC to android. It can be also sunchronized over WiFi.

* Magic Play: Music can played to WiFi speakers from Android over airplay. Music and Video can be also played to Apple TV from android. Also to Airport Express, Xbox from Android etc etc etc.

* Magic Radio: Magic Radio has the option radio mixing of songs from music library.

Download this player now and enjoy its features.

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