Friday, February 28, 2014

Autumn Tree Live Wallpaper apk for Android

Autumn Tree Live Wallpaper apk for Android

Description of Autumn Tree Live Wallpaper apk:

This Live Wallpaper which is designed for all android phones. It looks awesome at android phones. The things most attract me is that the motion of its tree. The tree which is used in this Live wallpaper named Autumn Tree and it is very clear to you. When you slide each page from another of your background, you will notice that the brunch of it also moving which I like most. And after setting up this wallpaper you will also notice that its leafs are blowing itself. It creates a natural view of your phone. Those who loves and want to realize nature, they must like this Live wallpaper. I am giving some of its screen shots below:

Autumn Tree Live Wallpaper apk 

It is very sad to say that, in the screen shots I can show you still images and how it looks after installation. But not the motion of it. you can feel this after install this live wallpaper.

About Autumn Tree Live Wallpaper apk:

There is noting to say about its gorgeous out look. But internally it has a awesome motion with sliding.
Its size is 1.71 mb before extract and 1.81 mb after extract.

Note: If you install this apps to SD card it may fail to run, So install it to phone memory.
I have given here HugeFiles link so tat you can download this easily.
Download to get it and enjoy this live wallpaper and enjoy.

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