How did i hack routers WiFi password at my office within 2 minutes

How did i hack routers wifi password at my office within 2 minutes

hack routers WiFi password

Introduction of hack routers wifi password:

Dear friends, Today I will tell you how I hack routers wifi password. I was trying to have my office's wifi password to use internet at my Android. But I could not. Oneday I discovered that, one of our stuff who use the wifi at his android. I was not so friendly with him as I was new. After one month I asked to him to give me the wifi password, but he said "I dont know" one of his boss connected that. Then I asked him to give his mobile to me for 5 minuites that I will try to view the password. He did, but i failed to do so. After two days I asked again with a good preperation, but he refused me and said that I can not operate good, I spoil his apps, I was shoked at that time and said to him nothing. After some days his imidiet boss took his mobile to play games and I had a good understanding with him. Then I asked him to give the phone to me for two minuites and he did. Then I Secced to do what I was trying.



Lets describe How did i hack routers wifi password at my office:

hack routers WiFi password
Instruments I used one of them is root software and another one is to crack wifi password. First of all I turned his bluetooth on, then transfered two apps. Then I installed them. First I installed the root software which is you can download from the link given bellow:

1. How to Root and unroot any android device in 10 seconds

And then I installed another software which you can download from the link given bellow:

2. View any WiFi password on android - Very simple tricks

Then open this app and click the "eye" icon from top right corner of your right hand side to view the password.
Thanks... You can Download this two files from here !!! Download to get this apk files now and keep hacking.

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