Sunday, February 23, 2014

Full screen caller id apk file v9.5.5 for android

Free Apps: full screen caller id apk file v9.5.5 for android

About Full Screen Caller ID:
Full Screen Caller ID is a application of version 9.5.5 and it is a apk file only for Android.
It is for those Android Phones which does not support or show full or HD picture as contact image.
During incoming a call of your phone you can see the photo of dialer which is set by you.
See the screen shot bellow I ave given.

Full Screen Caller ID is really nice apps, lets see how is its settings:
1. Display caller's name.
2. Display caller's phone number.
3. Sow known contact informations.
4. Display SMS preview.
5. Low res display mode.
etc etc etc...

Just  download and install it to know more about its beautiful settings.

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