Thursday, December 19, 2013

Xiaomi is exploring Project Ara Smartphone

Xiaomi is exploring Project Ara Smartphone

About Smartphone:

Xiaomi considering to work on modular smartphone similar to “Project Ara”
Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun confirms that his company have discussed the possibility of producing
a modular phone system similar to Motorola’s “Project Ara”.
Recently Motorola announced that their “Project Ara”, a modular phone design which allows you to build and upgrade your phone with easy to connect hardware, is ‘almost ready’. But they might not be the only ones working on such an innovative device!
Xiaomi CEO. Lei Jun has commented on his official Weibo account that Xiaomi have already discussed the possibility of such a phone and are now weighing the possibilities of developing their own rival design! Of course talking about such a phone and actually producing one are two totally different matters, but at least the idea is on the cards!


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